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We Are Celebrating Our Volunteers!

Volunteers Bring Heart To Canada’s Communities! It's Volunteer Appreciation week and we are celebrating Stratford House of Blessing's volunteers. The empathy, compassion and generosity of our volunteers creates a connected community in #StratfordON and #PerthCounty.

Today we celebrate Norm! Thank you Norm, for sharing your heart for helping people.

Norm has been volunteering at Stratford House of Blessing since 1983. As a co-founder of House of Blessing, with his wife Florence, he has been here as a volunteer for almost 40 years. Now that's dedication. His current role is 'food pick-up driver.' If you are out in the community you may see Norm's smiling face and youthful energy.

We are so grateful for volunteers like Norm, if fact, without the committed and enthusiastic team of volunteers we couldn't do what we do at Stratford House of Blessing. #ThankYou



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