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About Us

Our Mission

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat

Matthew 25:35

Our Vision

Guided by Matthew 25:35, we embody Christ's love by alleviating hunger and fostering hope.

Brighter futures, fuller hearts: a world where hunger is replaced by hope and where compassion knows no bounds.


Hunger Alleviation: we alleviate hunger within our community, providing sustenance and nourishment to those in need while upholding their dignity and promoting a sense of hope.

Open Hearts and Collaboration: we work with open hearts, fostering collaboration among community partners, volunteers, and donors to create a united effort in addressing hunger.

Providing Compassionate Support: with compassion at our core, we provide not just food but also emotional support, recognizing the worth of every individual we serve.

Empowering Through Responsiveness: we empower individuals through adaptable and responsive efforts, addressing emerging challenges and evolving needs.

Our History

Stratford House of Blessing has been helping people in need in Stratford, Ontario and area for 40 years.


We started off in a 900 square foot house on Wellington Street and now use every inch of our 9000 square foot building on Erie Street.

Our Programs

Our Food Bank Program has recently expanded to provide free home delivery of food hampers and appointment bookings for greater safety and comfort.  In addition to food we provide personal care items (toiletries, feminine hygiene products and incontinence supplies).  For our babies we provide diapers and formula.

Some of our additional programs include:

  • Welcome to the World Baskets - a baby shower in a hamper for caring for new babies

  • Off to School Smiling - a brand new backpack and school supplies for school-aged children

  • Christmas Toy Program - parents and grandparents come in and choose gifts for the children in their lives

  • Fresh Start Program - new supplies for starting over including work wear and steel-toed boot​s

  • Emergency Support for People Living with Insecure Housing - customized support to individuals who are living in unique living conditions (homeless, lacking cooking facilities)

  • Community Referrals and Registrations

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