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We Appreciate Our Volunteers!

We are very thankful for our volunteers. Without out them we couldn't do the work we do to provide emergency food and hygiene products to people in their immediate time of need. We are thankful for the people who:

  • Drive and Pick-up Food Donations from Local Donors

  • Unload the Trucks that Delivery Food

  • Divide Fresh Food Donations into Units

  • Weigh, Sort and Organize our Food Donations

  • Carefully Pack Food Hampers with Fresh, Frozen and Shelf-Stable Foods

  • Load Hampers from cart to vehicles on Delivery Day

  • Drive Food to People's Homes

  • Run Food to People's Homes and do the Heavy Lifting

  • Serve People at Stratford House of Blessing's Food Bank

  • Sanitize over, and over, and over again!

If you are interested in volunteering visit



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