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Grow a Row

Has the lockdown inspired you to focus on your gardens this year? At our house my daughter and I have gotten pretty excited about gardening. We decided to start most of our plants from seed and tried a variety of germination strategies to get them going. Two of our main challenges were gardening inexperience and a very small yard. As a result, our plants are mostly in raised beds and pots and most will be climbing. We are seeing rapid growth in the Bibb lettuce, snap peas, and cucumbers (planted in an old kiddie pool with a discarded patio umbrella frame as their trellis). We are also optimistic about our zucchini, peppers, basil, tomatoes and our watermelon, which will look very cute in their little melon hammocks.

We are hoping that we have planted enough to share our harvest with Stratford House of Blessing. We invite you to do the same!



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