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Dedication to Our Food Bank

Now that's commitment! Marlene has been a food bank volunteer for almost ten years.

Marlene has been volunteering in our food bank for nearly 10 years.

As a food bank volunteer Marlene greets food bank recipients and identifies each household's needs from a form they bring with them to the counter. The food allocation is based on family size, number of children, cooking facilities, cooking skills, safe food storage capacity, and dietary needs.

Our food bank works like a 'reverse store'. Marlene asks people what their choices are as she works through each food category and bring the food to the counter. At the counter the food bank recipients pack their own food into bags. If they have rememberto bring resusable bags they are offered a bonus item.

The process takes about 15 minutes per household and includes: cereal, non-perishables, fresh and frozen meats and produce, eggs, bread and milk. We also provide hygiene products and diapers and formula.

Marlene always treats each individual with a smile along with dignity and respect. She seeks out extra jobs in between food visits to keep our food bank organized. We are thankful for Marlene and her willingness to sharing her heart and time with Stratford House of Blessing!



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