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Funding Health Safety and Efficiency

Thanks to Loblaw Companies Limited and Food Banks Canada for supporting our Retail Food Program. Loblaw Companies funded the purchase of an infrared temperature gun, a digital utility scale and 12 food safe stack and nest containers. These funds impacted us in two ways:

1) We have more confidence that the food we are receiving from retail partners remains fresh and food safe during transit, unloading and storage. The infrared thermometer allows to to check if the food has been compromised by temperature. The storage bins allows us to know fresh foods have been transported and stored in food safe bins. Therefore, we know that our food bank recipients have an added assurance that the food is healthy and has not been compromised by temperature or storage and transfer bins that are not food safe.

2) We can more accurately and efficiently weigh items. The new scale allows us to process donations from retail partners in a more efficient and accurate manner. This in turn allows us to have more accurate information for logging of food donations and can therefore recognize and report on food donations to our retail partners.

We enjoy our partnership with Loblaw Companies Limited and Food Banks Canada.

Operations Coordinator Sherri with the grant equipment


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